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It’s 12:30am and I’m the only one in the house up.
The only reason I’m even up right now is because my son woke me up screaming & crying! I run busting into his room & he’s balled up crying & screaming in his bed! I go & pick him up & hold him & he’s still screaming! I’m askin him what’s wrong & no response!! I take him into the bathroom to wipe his face. While I’m wetting a wash cloth with warm water I look over to my screaming & crying son & see him use the potty (mind u, still screaming & crying with his eyes close!) Watching this exchange allowed me to calm down some & realized he was havin a nightmare & woke up peeing in the bathroom w/his mama lookin at him crazy!!
Now that the screaming has stopped & he is only crying I decide to ask some questions…
I ask “Honey, does your tummy hurt?'” He replies “No!”
I ask, “Does your head hurt?!”
He replies “Nope!”
He has now stopped crying and I offer him a sippy cup of water, and ask the important question…
I ask, “well then baby, why were you crying?!!”
He replies “I don’t know!”
Now laughing I say “you scared mama!”
He says “you scared me!”
By now he’a finished his water and is tucked nicely in bed and quickly falls back asleep. God’a grace and goodness allowed for my daughter to remain asleep through this whole encounter, but now i cant go asleep because my adrenaline is high & my nerves are still shot!
Thanks Boogie Man! These test runs are alway fun!


Daylight Savings was 3 days ago, so my kids are all confused and have become bed time rebels!

Last night I had my glass of wine on chill and my night roster of prime time TV waiting for me. I never got to them.

It started with my daughter. She felt that since she had a nap earlier that day she didn’t need to go to bed while it was still light outside. Once my son got hip & saw she wasn’t in bed he was working overtime to keep his lil butt out of the bed too! The way he saw it, his infamous “I have to potty” in the middle of the night struck gold when he saw me & the baby sitting on the couch watching tv.

That night I heard it all!
“My feet hurt!”
“My knees hurt”
“My arm hurts”
*cough cough* “I’m sick! I’m coughing”
*sneeze* “Ma! Ma! I’m really sick! See?! I sneeze!”
“My tummy hurts ”
“My back hurts!!!”
My poor child!!
Then he gets this genius idea! My wonderful son says “I think if I sit on the couch with you I will feel all better!”
Funny how that works! In a few weeks time I pray I’ll get my “mommy wine time” back!

Mommy Moment: this week included a sick day (my daughter had a stomach virus) and a snow day (st. Louis was hit by a bad snow storm yesterday). Now everyone is gone. Husband and kids all in school. I work from home & don’t have to clock in until 11am. Sure I could clean my house. After the past few days I know it needs it. But no, I’ve decided to sit on the couch w/a cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll, and watch Batman Returns!!! T.G.I.F!!!