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It’s 12:30am and I’m the only one in the house up.
The only reason I’m even up right now is because my son woke me up screaming & crying! I run busting into his room & he’s balled up crying & screaming in his bed! I go & pick him up & hold him & he’s still screaming! I’m askin him what’s wrong & no response!! I take him into the bathroom to wipe his face. While I’m wetting a wash cloth with warm water I look over to my screaming & crying son & see him use the potty (mind u, still screaming & crying with his eyes close!) Watching this exchange allowed me to calm down some & realized he was havin a nightmare & woke up peeing in the bathroom w/his mama lookin at him crazy!!
Now that the screaming has stopped & he is only crying I decide to ask some questions…
I ask “Honey, does your tummy hurt?'” He replies “No!”
I ask, “Does your head hurt?!”
He replies “Nope!”
He has now stopped crying and I offer him a sippy cup of water, and ask the important question…
I ask, “well then baby, why were you crying?!!”
He replies “I don’t know!”
Now laughing I say “you scared mama!”
He says “you scared me!”
By now he’a finished his water and is tucked nicely in bed and quickly falls back asleep. God’a grace and goodness allowed for my daughter to remain asleep through this whole encounter, but now i cant go asleep because my adrenaline is high & my nerves are still shot!
Thanks Boogie Man! These test runs are alway fun!


Mommy Moment: this week included a sick day (my daughter had a stomach virus) and a snow day (st. Louis was hit by a bad snow storm yesterday). Now everyone is gone. Husband and kids all in school. I work from home & don’t have to clock in until 11am. Sure I could clean my house. After the past few days I know it needs it. But no, I’ve decided to sit on the couch w/a cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll, and watch Batman Returns!!! T.G.I.F!!!


The scene: your in the bathroom for a late night poop. (B/C as a mom of you can’t do that during regular business hours) All of a sudden you hear a loud thud! You wait for the cry to determine if it’s a child or the Tupperware pile in your pantry that has been looking suspect lately…then there it is! The confirming cry!
Now quickly you must determine which child it is by cry and location of cry alone! Ah ha! It’s the eldest! Now as your thinking “he’s never fallen out since he was a baby! What happened?!” You moving at the speed of light shaking, wiping, and pulling up to rescue your baby! It isn’t until you have him in your arms and see 1. He’s ok. and 2. He’s asleep standing up, that you realize your shaking!
Super Mom is a tough job!

Being a full time working mom of two under four I’m sure one can only imagine how impossible it is for my husband and I to have sex intercourse relations. An added bonus would be that I am still nursing my daughter at night so she’s still in our bed (most nights G has found refuge on the couch so that the baby can have her way and sleep horizontal, or wrapped around one of our heads).
Well last week the universe must have been in some sort of alignment because I was in the mood, on my lunch break, & my husband was home! Here I was thinking bow-chica-wow-wow only for my son who I thought was in daycare comes up the stairs behind him. Not being one to quit i quickly go into “mommy mode” and put him down for a nap in his room!
So here we are. Husband and Wife. Reestablishing our relationship. Arguing with out yelling. Letting go of all the frustrations when the bedroom door busts open and SURPRISE (!!!) it’s my son! You would be foolish to think it ended there! My sweet sleepy three year old looks at us. Climbs up into the bed, and joins me sitting on top of his father’s belly….
What is a mother to do?! Out of all the parenting books out there I doubt there is a chapter on what to do when your child not only walks in on you and your man getting it in but comes in the middle! Out of all the parental advice that has been thrown my way ever since i conceived neither my mom nor MIL (Mother in Law) said “if your child ever I interrupts your love making and climbs up on the bed while your in a compromising position this is what you do…”
Thinking of all the mental scaring this will have on my little angle I did the only thing I could think of, I made him a phi sandwich and turned on the tv for him in the living room. My theory, when all else fails, burn brain on the boob tube!
But you do know that I will be studying him hard from here on out to make sure that vision doesn’t cause him to go blond or a serial killer!!