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Mommy Moment: this week included a sick day (my daughter had a stomach virus) and a snow day (st. Louis was hit by a bad snow storm yesterday). Now everyone is gone. Husband and kids all in school. I work from home & don’t have to clock in until 11am. Sure I could clean my house. After the past few days I know it needs it. But no, I’ve decided to sit on the couch w/a cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll, and watch Batman Returns!!! T.G.I.F!!!



For my first blog post I will share a story ( something that I have been known for).
I work from home in a call center environment so there are caller queue, stats, and time limits I have to adhere too. Basically even though I’m working from home I’m still chained to my desk. Yay!
But back to the story at hand…I figure on my first 15 min break I’d go & take a quick shower. I run in, do what I do, go to run back on the phone & the bathroom door handle falls off!!!! Because my house is hella old there is no other way for me to get out (trust I tried!). The crazy part about all of this is, I was home alone so why did I close the door?! Lucky for me I had my phone with me (got to get my sang on with Pandora!) so i was able to text my boss (because we cool like that!) telling her my embarrassing story and call my husband (who had went across the street to the store to do some thanksgiving shopping) to come rescue me.
With time to kill what better time to post trapped pictures of me on Instagram & blaze an L? 10-15 mins later I had completed my photo shoot, had sane mind, and was FREE!

Lesson learned: my husband is good for something & no need for modesty when your alone!


My sister has been nagging me about starting a blog. For some odd reason she thinks I’m a good writer. I don’t agree. Not only do I feel like my writing is sub-par, but outside of her I cannot imagine an audience that would find my rumblings, day to day mundane, life of a young mother trying to find her way in this world, interesting. So I am doing this for her and her alone. Call it a sister’a love.